Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes


Colombian cooking may not be world-famous, but it is delicious and varied and a great way to get to know the country's people and culture! Bogotá Bike Tours can arrange a cooking class for you, in which you'll learn to prepare dishes such as bandeja paisa, sancocho and ajiaco.

Let us know your interests and availability and we'll arrange a class that's fun and convenient for you. Shop with Doña Elsa in the traditional neighborhood mercados and then prepare a meal with her in her home in La Candelaria. Or, learn with a professional cook in the beautiful and historic Casa de Citas restaurant in the heart of the La Candelaria neighborhood.We can also arrange for the help of a friendly translator, like Sussan. And, we can also combine the cooking class with a custom bike or walking tour to sites such as a traditional fruit market, a coffee factory and some of Bogotá's outstanding restaurants.

Plus, the ingredients, which run about 20-35 thousand pesos (5 US$ - 10 US$)- depending on the size of the group.

Second option

The second option is to meet at Bogotá Bike Tours and walk five minutes to La Concordia Plaza, a traditional neighborhood market in Bogotá's historical center, where we'll buy the ingredients. Then we'll do a short walking tour back to Bogotá Bike Tours, where we'll cook and eat. This experience lasts about three hours.

Plus, the ingredients, which run about 20-35 thousand pesos (5 US$ - 10 USD$) depending on the size of the group. In both options, we can prepare dishes from different regions of Colombia, as well as do fusion and creative cooking that combine elements of traditional cooking with cultural syncretism.

Ajiaco (a traditional potato soup)

Sancocho (a traditional soup)

Envueltos de maíz (corn wraps)

Patacones con Hogao (fried plantain with)



We offer the tour in English, French, and Spanish.


Meeting point From Duration

Cra. 3 #12-42, La Candelaria, Bogotá, Cundinamarca

Sep 27, 2017 7:30 PM

4-5 hours